UX/UI Strategy and Consultancy

We make it our mission to be up-to-date and exceed industry standard in application and development for the following front-end and backend development. Find out more about our scope here.



We have been offering consultancy on our entire range of services for the best part of a decade. We know only too well the value of helping a business to harness their technology perfectly to their overall vision.

We put your team at the centre of the process – you talk, we listen. Then, once we have a complete understanding of your business, its culture and your needs, we will consult for as long – or as little – as you need.

Whether it’s hands-on help, or a route-map for an existing design team to follow, our UX and UI teams can advise you on seamlessly integrating user needs and business goals to make sure your customers are captivated and engaged from the get-go.

We’re similarly happy to sweat the small stuff like specific software requirements, and our expert architects, developers and project managers have the skill and experience to identify solutions that will work from both a tech and business point of view.

Ruptly TV

Ruptly is an international organisation belonging to Russia Today. The website is used for hosting video on demand content and live video streams. The content on the application is available for news agencies to use and download.

Level 5 delivered minimal viable product being launched within 8 months, allowing the ability to provide content and obtain revenue in order to complete additional features. Learn more

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