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Digital Transformation

Enable a positive change using technology within your organisation

If you’re looking to drive growth, innovate and future-proof your business, we can help by providing you with the architecture and infrastructure to build your cloud estate safely and securely.

As developers first and foremost, we know the terrain like the back of our hand, and are in the best possible place to guide you safely through the digital landscape

A research-based and strategy-first approach

Portfolio review

With a research-based, strategy-first approach, we will work with you to define user needs aligned to business requirements, and use our industry knowledge and expertise to design, build and improve your application portfolio.

As part of this we identify user personas, and report user research findings outlining pain-points to build evidence based recommendations.

Enabling a digital change for the Public Sector

We have delivered a wide range of user-centred digital services, including transforming legacy processes.   Our experience includes delivering Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live phases of delivery following the GDS Service Manual.

Testing with an iterative design process

User-centered design (UCD)

We use a user-centered design approach aligned with user research findings with both internal and external users.   By keeping the both internal and external users pro-actively involved in the process, will allow them to stay at the forefront of design decisions.



Enable the intelligent use of newer technologies

Developing a digital platform

Our technical consultants build digital platforms enabling use of Cloud Technology, Big Data, Multiple Platforms, and Accessibility Tools.  This allows a modular approach accessible systems, following a micro-service led architecture, allowing for lower costs and better flexibility.

We develop digital platforms in gradual phases (using an Agile Continuous Delivery model) to enable digital transformation.  This coupled with a security-first approach to development and deployment, working with pen testing partners.


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We are in this together

We understand that the new era requires an improved engagement model — one that is more collaborative, more integrated, more business-focused, more comprehensive, and more intimate.

At Level 5, we have a joint-venture model, shared-risk approach. We focus our offerings on creating competitive advantages for your business, and we are willing to take a stake in your success, to put skin in the game.

We are confident enough in our ability to deliver quantifiable business value that we will negotiate contracts where your success in meeting KPIs, predicted savings, and other quantifiable metrics determines our compensation. We are your partner in the truest sense.

Analyse data to generate insights in real-time

Data-driven digital transformation

We partner with you to do more than just gather data, but to also analyse the data to generate actionable insights in real-time. This allows stakeholders to improve their understanding of the technologies and drive decision-making around those technologies.

With real-time data analysis, we enable the ability to accelerate digital transformation using data, rapidly reducing cost and risks, and improve services levels – for  employees, customers and external parties.


The key to successful Digital Transformations

Change Management

The process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve a required business outcome. – Prosci

We implement change management best practices from Prosci, including the valuable ADKAR model.   ADKAR describes five important aspects of change: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement.

By following this model from the beginning of a digital transformation, it provides us with an insight into where to focus resources to encourage the desired shift in behaviour and enable a positive change across an organisation in readiness for Live.

Get in touch to transform your business into the Digital era

Speak to one of our digital transformation consultants, and allow us to partner with you on your journey.