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Empty Quarter Studios – UX and UI

Empty Quarter Studios is a film and television production company based in New York and London that creates original non-fiction content for global distribution.

The organisation required a cross-platform, accessible, and scalable brochure website that could promote their work, and vision.

Our UX and content design team worked collaboratively with the EQS stakeholders to gather an understanding of their business needs, user needs, vision, and purpose.  By gathering this insight, UX built wireframes and user journeys that met requirements, iterating on feedback prior to designing the prototype.

Following a confirmed iteration, our frontend developers worked on converting the ideas and inspiration into a visual information site that meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 AA).  


A platform that is compatible with multiple devices and browsers

A information site deployed to live within 2 weeks

A website that meets minimum accessibility standards

Re-usable components/patterns for consistency

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