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Ruptly TV – Development

Ruptly is an international organisation belonging to Russia Today. The website is used for hosting video on demand content, and live video streams. The content on the application is available for news agencies to use and download.

Business Challenge

The organisation provides content across the globe to news agencies. An increase in demand for content from news agencies has been recognised, and administration time is having a negative impact in providing content in time.


  • An API that can be accessed by headquarters to collect content to store on a CDN.
  • A bespoke system built using latest technologies to provide a service for news agencies and individuals to register and download content from a CDN for commercial use.
  • A subscription service for organisations to be able to access content and download within an instant.
  • User interface which can be used on any device or browser allowing the end user to be unrestricted on how to obtain content.
  • A platform that can scale on demand using AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Build a minimal viable product that allows us to collect information on user feedback, and thus assist us in prioritising new features during development.


The project;

  • Content was available immediately as they were being broadcasted, or recorded across the globe
  • News agencies successfully registered, and subscribed to Ruptly to download and access content
  • A fully functional user interface, with a bespoke administration panel built on a modern framework, allowing modules to be developed with limited constraints
  • A minimal viable product being launched within 8 months, allowing the ability to provide content and obtain revenue in order to complete additional features
  • Continuous improvements, as well as a scaled architecture approach using AWS

Transforming & future-proofing the delivery of media content

MVP delivered within 8 months

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