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Deptford Sheet Metal – Social media marketing

Business challenge

As a growing business for over 10 years, specialising in design and fabrication of commercial/domestic metal services, they have had a struggle to be noticed in the recent digital age.  The company works with many large organisations, and restaurant chains, but have room for further expansion.

With limited technology knowledge, the business needs guidance on best ways to be noticed, and increase conversion rates.


Our leading digital marketing team stepped in to conduct a workshop, outlining a marketing and creative agenda.  We also gathered an understanding of the business, and set a list of potential markets that could be targeted that have an interest in the services DSM (Deptford Sheet Metal) provides.

Following this, a creative guide and social media plan was developed to ensure we;

  • are consistent with the design on social media pages.
  • are consistent with the messaging week-by-week.
  • are informative to our followers, whilst posting up-to-date information on the business.
  • regularly engaged with the followers by; responding to messages, responding to comments, and so on.
  • provide support for conversions, passing leads to the sales team at DSM.
  • have real time reports and analytics on traffic from social media (Google Analytics/Tracking)

Staying in regular contact with DSM is an essential part of the process, so participating in bi-weekly catch ups to provide feedback, and iterate on our ideas is part of our path to success.


With the social media campaign, the company attracted local businesses that were not aware of its presence.  Additionally, statistics showed traffic increased from social media pages (in particular: Instagram), and sales increased 25-30% over time.

We are now in a stage to improve the branding, and focus on an accessible website.  More to come soon.

A presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram

Increased exposure to the local area of establishment

An increase of sales over time

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