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Department for Transport – User Research

Business challenge

Fact finding research to provide the DFT with an overview of security practices and procedures within DFT Central, focusing on:  

  • Documenting sign-on and security routines – What Identity verification procedures do internal DFT Central users go through to access devices, systems and platforms? 
  • What is the result of the procedure (what platform or application are they trying to access)? 
  • What devices are the IV procedures related to? 
  • What hardware/software do they use to verify access platforms and systems (VPN software, device-based verification etc) 
  • Where are users accessing services from (home, on-site)?  
  • What are the pain points inherent in these procedures? 
  • Can the users pinpoint any flaws in security procedures? 
  • How do users manage their IV information? (password management tools etc.) 
  • How often is user-level IV information refreshed/reset? 
  • What are the IV recovery procedures and how secure do the users find them to be? 
  • Overall, how secure do users feel (personal information) and feel their data is? 
  • How could security procedures be improved (based on previous experience in other organisations, knowledge of best practice or new IV techniques)


We needed to conduct rapid one-to-one user research sessions across DFT employees (plus contractors, partners, arm’s length bodies and suppliers) to build a comprehensive picture of security identification practices within DFT and associated agencies.


A report documenting the identity verification landscape within the Department for transport which would then lead into a series of recommendations and help create a roadmap to inform changes to internal procedures to ensure data protection and security best practice,

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